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Northern Virginia Delta Chapter of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc.

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The Northern Virginia, Delta Chapter of

Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Incorporated

Scholarship Award 


To be considered eligible for receiving a scholarship from Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc, Northern Virginia Delta Chapter, a high school senior must meet the criteria below:

  • Must be a high school senior in the Virginia public school system (or home schooled as a resident in the state of Virginia)
  • Must be currently in the J.R.O.T.C. program
  • Must be a military dependent of a veteran, retired, active guard reserve, active duty member
  • Must provide proof of income to be used for consideration


Grade Point Average (GPA): a 3.0 (B+) or better (Student must submit an official copy of their high school transcript.)

SAT/ACT Score(s): Must be a score of 1300 or better for (SAT) and a score of 16 or better (ACT) (Student must provide proof of score with the application)

Community Service Hours: Must have completed 10 hours of community service prior to submitting the packet, provide proof of community service. Four of those hours must be completed with the Northern Virginia Delta Chapter - if local.

Essay: A thousand word essay must be completed on one of the provided topics. The essay must be in the prescribed format outlined in the checklist. Student’s name should be on the essay.

Recommendations: Three letters of recommendations must accompany the application from three separate individuals who has known the student for at least one year. The recommendations should provide information on the student’s character and anything significant known about the student. (Example: a letter from your job, volunteer organization, school counselor, teacher, coach, pastor, church member, etc.)

Proof of Income: a copy of your parents/guardians previous year’s federal income tax, showing the family’s year income must be provided. (Please ensure you redact social security numbers before submission)

Military: If your parents/guardian are active duty military, retired, veteran. active duty reserve, and active duty . You must show proof of service. (Refer to the Eligibility Requirements)

Deadline: Application packages and letters of recommendation must be received by September 15th. (Your application will be void if it is received after September 15th. Postmarks do not count). An announcement will be made by the 30th of September. The scholarships should be awarded in the October time frame. The scholarship luncheon will be announced at a later time.


Scholarship Recipients: Scholarships will only be paid directly to finance department of the accredited community college, college or university in which the scholarship recipient has been officially accepted as a student. Proof of enrollment is mandatory! (Check will be paid to the finance department of the school only). Student will provide the information for finance office no later than 45 days after start date. If for any reason the recipient takes the fall semester off and or attends spring semester the same stipulation applies.

Scholarship Amount: Amount of scholarship will vary depending upon the number of recipients chosen by the scholarship committee.

Determination: The Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Incorporated Scholarship committee will evaluate each application and make a determining vote. The decision of the committee is FINAL.


Please submit all applications to deltascholar@militarysorority.com